Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Damon and Shins

A moment in passing to sing the praises of Damon Albarn's new solo project The Good, the Bad and the Queen. Fine album and growing on me with each listen. He seems to have used some very basic chord structures and taken the melodies off in a way you would not quite expect.

And then to the only band whose output I will rush out and buy on the day of its release. All hail the new Shins album Wincing the Night Away. There aren't enough lyricists in this world. Looking forward to knowing the album well enough to sing along (they don't really do repeat choruses).

The lonely are such delicate things the wind from a wasp could blow them into the sea with stones on their feet...

If you're a seascape I'm a listing boat...

The CD booklet contains the lyrics printed in one of the most awkward ways you could imagine. You gotta really want to get to know this band. No half-fans for them.

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