Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Trouble with Atheism

I wondered if this programme might redress the balance of programmes having pot-shots at religion recently but alas, it was really dull.

Rod Liddle, since his career as editor of Today ended so ignominiously, has regularly popped up in the whole populist documentary arena. At least it gives the lie to the idea that all presenters have to have flat stomachs and white teeth.

Basically this programme took the 'there's no evidence for God' idea and turned it round, concluding, 'there's no certainty in science either.'

Whilst we may get a little uptight at programmes that see issues only in black and white - they tend to roll on a parade of eccentrics and weirdos to make extremist points - this hour-long Channel 4 effort last night showed how difficult it is to respond to a vehement 'no' with a resounding 'maybe.'

Didn't work for me I'm afraid.

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