Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The veggie box included globe artichokes last week. It also included a warning that they are ten times more deadly than baked beans in the flatulence department. There was a vague suggestion that fennel tea might help but I wondered if any occasional visitors to this blog had any other hints, fennel tea not sounding like something I could ever be bothered to do.

'Eat them the night before your staff meeting' is not the sort of suggestion I am looking for.


Kathryn said...

If they really are globe ones (looking a bit like prosperous thistle heads), then it should actually be OK...if the Jerusalem variety (malformed spuds), well, we gave up growing them because the effects were indeed beyond endurance. Never did find a solution.
Sorry. Not the best news...though the soup I used to make was very yummy.

Anonymous said...

Fennel tea is delicious.

Fennel seeds are good in any home made soup.