Monday, December 18, 2006


Regular readers will be familiar with this column's contempt for the apostrofly, an apostrophe caused by a fly in the printing press and not grammar. However missing apostrophes are harder to blame on loose insect culling at the presses and the evidence points to them being more to do with human error.

So, thanks to Richard for this, seen over the kids' rugby training ground last Saturday:


Anyone want to have a go at what it means, if we treat it as written as intended?


Caroline said...

might it be where beginners show their class in preparing glace fruits

just a valient attempt times vacuum's space

Caroline Too

Martin said...

well, must be something to do with something owned by a hi-fi company

Dunno if that helps narrow it down.

Anonymous said...

I share your frustration, as documented at but this one defeats me. Who is Classe, and why does he/she have beginners, and what are they starting? Is there a child protection policy, have they done a risk assessment, or are they all consenting adults?