Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Grace will somehow make you calmer
Stop to think before you harm
Another person's soothing balm
Er then it will distrub the karma
Waken you from your pyjamas
Call you like a loud alarm
Or pull you by the leg or arm
A grace-struck person needs their armour
Self-protected with a psalm or
Song that says to God hey ta
Your majesty just raised the bar
A little higher not so far
A follower can't leap - hurrah
And find they now shine like star
Ah! Do you think that sounds bizarre
or just the business? OK? Ya.


Caroline said...

Rats, I've been trying to respond with a poem but it won't come (two or three lines but then a falling apart..

anyway, I don't think that I could compete with rhyming pyjama with karma :-)

and yes, Steve, just the business. I find that as I get to know and trust someone, then I value their ambitious demands of me more. For then it tells me of their confidence in me.

Dave Neal said...

I love the line in U2's song:
"Grace. It's the name for a girl. It's also a thought that changed the world."
As you know - we have a wonderful little five year old girl called...