Thursday, November 02, 2006

Global Musings

The Guardian had a huge lead story about global warming on Monday. It also had a 'works of art to see before you die' piece. Where are these works? All over the world, that's where. We need to balance:
  • A willingness to say, 'I am glad that sight exists in the world but I do not insist upon my right to see it before I die.'
  • So many people living in places of outstanding beauty now make their living from tourism.

It's a head-spinner that one. We probably need to accept that more people will die by our not stopping tourism than stopping it, in the long run.

Meanwhile I hope galleries become more willing to share their great works of art and set up fantastic exhibitions - in the last few years I have enjoyed Monet, Christian-themed art and Stanley Spencer in London at the global price of a train ride only.

Meantime I have, reluctantly, accepted that I can't do my job effectively whilst walking everywhere in Nailsea. Outside of school in and out times there are few people on the streets to bump into and the third walk across town of two miles in a day is a bit of a drag.

The short-term solution to this is that a nice family lent me a BMW they don't need. How wonderful is the Christian community and what a privilege to belong to it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll reluctantly have to get a Smart or a Prius.

Caroline said...

Is Nailsea as hilly as Bristol? If not, a bike

or a scooter/moped thingy?

Agree with you about tourism. I'm currently trying to work out if a flight to a conference in Atlanta this year was my last flight. There's a sense of "what's the harm in a little flight... the plane's going to fly anyway" but I know thath's not the point.

Caroline Too