Thursday, November 23, 2006


Whilst William Morris had some exellent ideas, and indeed we used to own a three piece suite with his design on the loose covers, whoever felt it a good idea to put thin tramlines of a William Morris design lengthways, on a cream background in a full 12 foot drop set of curtains? A church hall fabric committee, that's who. Do all such committees shop at 'Outrageous ideas are us'?

Time for them to pull themselves together.


gone said...

William Morris is way too loud for me i like plain stuff and HEY, i like your new avatar.
I liked your Wednesday post, slow to anger, that's not always an easy thing and people need to be patient that some people just blow up and are hot tempered but it's over in a flash and doesn't mean nothing much.

Hanni :)

St said...

Welcome back Hanni. Missed you.