Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Cunning Plan

I've told a lot of people this but it may as well be a matter of public record. Liz and I love trying to get to know people over food and throughout our married life have tried to invite people round for meals regularly. By and large this has involved one session of work-eating per week - say a couple of people and an agenda or reason for meeting, and one session of fun - friends for food and drinks and no agenda.

Now that Liz finds her working week in the 60-70 hour area and gets home pretty tired after a 13 hour day it is proving impossible to entertain in the way we used to. So here's the cunning plan. From now on most of our entertaining will be compressed into one Saturday evening a month, usually the second Saturday. Once a month, 25 people or so for food and drinks and chat and whatever - a combination of agenda and social.

The aim is particularly to mix up people we meet during the month from all our social/pastoral scenes plus neighbours. Last week we thanked the people who decorated our house before we moved in with a meal in the first of what we hope will be many such happy occasions.

And I get to do cooking. Which I'd do anyway but this way I can call it work. Result.

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