Saturday, October 21, 2006

Veils and Crosses

A lot has been written and spoken on this subject over the last few weeks. This article has helped me to make sense of it more than most.

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Robin Killick said...

That's a very sensible article. I think he makes the point very well about considering other people's rights before our own. I haven't yet met anyone wearing a full veil properly, so i don't know exactly what impressions I would get in the course of a conversation. I think however that something is lost though when you can't quite read people through expressions or body language. (Mediums like msn and blogging are somewhat frustrating when you can't be sure that someone is being sarcastic, for example). I'm surprised at the action taken against the women wearing a crucifix; many people wear them openly. It is good to realise however that someone actually recognised it for what it is, a symbol of suffering and death. I suspect that few people look at a piece of cross shaped jewellery and think of it in those terms.