Saturday, October 07, 2006

Short Essay on Stupidity

I have written before about the examples of stupidity demonstrated by the Great British Public (GBP) in making retail purchases. Two from the past which spring to mind are:

What is the difference between a 7 inch light shade and an 8 inch?
Will this table cloth fit my table at home?

We now have some lovely conservatory furniture which Liz tracked down and captured due to her job. The fine oak table we now have has some lovely natural markings, knots and blemishes which really give it character. 'Those are the sort of things that people complain about and return the product,' she tells me.

It transpires that, in order to avoid confusing the GBP there is a sign which accompanies all the real wood products on show saying something such as, 'Wood is a natural substance and as such there may be some colour discrepancies between the product on show and the product delivered. Furthermore there may be some natural blemishes in the appearance of the product.'

We are so stupid, the GBP, that we have to be told that there is a real danger wood may look like er, wood. No such trouble with MDF is there?

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