Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Morning

Interesting in-between world Nailsea inhabits when it comes to green issues. On the negative side the place is incredibly car-dependent and many people are never seen on the street not encased in metal. I have discovered that the two mile drive to Tescos is a half mile walk.

On the positive there is an excellent kerbside recycling scheme for cardboard, garden waste, plastics, glass and paper. I also bought a huge composter off the local council for £10 and they delivered it. It included a rather nifty little plastic sink tidy with a lid to keep the daily peelings in.

Yesterday I went to explore Bristol and the short walk to the station was followed by a ten minute journey. Left home at 9.35 and was sitting in a Bristol coffee shop waiting for my friend at 10.25. Got absolutely soaked mind. Bristol confused us terribly in the car last week but walking round it all makes sense. Wonderful opportunity to take a river bus from the station to the city centre.

Leamington friends please note - I found Fopp! Hypocricy spotters please note the exclamation mark is part of the name officially. Confused new readers please note I hate exclamation marks and believe that words should do their own exclaiming without help from punctuation. Those unfamiliar with Fopp! should get back under their rock.

Today is my last day of pottering, setting up study, tidying bits and pieces around the house and doing a bit more address-changing admin. I need to wait in for the delivery of some conservatory furniture. I will try and read a whole week's Guardians at lunchtime. Tomorrow we'll try and take a bit of a break from all this for a weekend and then Monday I get bishopped.

If you are planning to come, see you there. It will be a strange combination of saying hello haven't seen you for a fortnight, hello thanks for the welcome and hello who are you? With finger buffet. In a leisure centre to make the point that my job is not really about buildings. 17 weeks after I set foot in Nailsea for the first time in my life, it is home. So I'd better start pronouncing it Nailzi.

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Matthew McMurray said...

Well, I am from Bristol originally and people always tell me how confusing it is! When you have grown up there though, you can't understand why it doesn't make sense.

If you haven't done it yet, make sure you go up the Cabot Tower and take in the views from the top. [Go up Park Street and then Great George Street if I remember rightly.]