Monday, October 23, 2006

Domestic Appliance Report

1. Purchased new iron. No power trip. Ironing done. Old iron will be returned to Leamington Spa where it made gurgling noises without blowing fuses.

2. DAB aerial just about working but reception here seems poor generally. Stations however are now permanently tuned in.

3. Someone has locked the TV tuning system and we have no manual for this TV so video, as yet, untuned to TV.

4. New fridge freezer decided to go on the blink necessitating emptying it and cooking a lot of things (pea soup, stewed apple, bread with everything). Only freezer is affected. Fridge fine. Problem persisted all weekend as the Siemens service centre is strictly 9-5 Monday to Friday. Problem righted itself once I'd phoned this morning at 9.30 and arranged for an engineer to call.

4. New BT handset says it is January 5th. Followed instructions to change time and date and the menu replied 'not available.'

I think we have accidentally moved into an area of RVAF (Random Variable Appliance Fatigue) turbulance.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried asking in the tv shop next to HT? That's if it's still there.Rob is very good at sorting out little problems such as yours.

Actually I think you are suffering from TP (Techno Phobia)

Kathryn said...

could it be chronological rather than geographical...we too are surrounded by unhappy electrickery (much of it IT related),- and that's without any unwarranted inteference from curates who should know better, too! Some of it even came home for the w'end from university...M5 corridor, perhaps?

St said...

I don't think I'm a technophobe. I'm certainly not a technophile though so I may err as you say. I think, on balance, I'm a technoramus although how I'm to blame for the problems with the fridge and the phones I look forward to discovering.