Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Normal Week 5

0800 Arrive for 0830 communion and stay on for music practice for 1030 service followed by social function at which almost 75 are present, including many church members. Home 1545.

1645 Arrive for music practice for 1830 service. Home 2000 to celebrate wedding anniversary.

Hours 10.45

0930 Staff meeting followed by one-to-one with colleague (home 1315).
Emails (15 minutes).
1915 Evening out with couple we have known at church for the last fourteen years including a combination of catching up with family news, pastoral advice (mainly them to us), discussion about a person who has died recently and general chat. Strange how two people who seemed like work at first now feel simply like social contacts. Have to be some benefits to getting to know people; counting it as work. Home 2245.

Hours 7.30 (total 18.15)

A few pastoral calls, a bit of reading and sermon prep., lunch with a couple of confidants and Leamington FC with two parishioners. How much of that was work? Let's say 75 mins.

Hours 1.15 (total 19.30)

0900 Staff study time and admin. at church office (2 hours)
1100 Two hours at the gym including two chats with guys I know there (0 hours)
1300 Emails and funeral prep. (30 mins)
1600 Pastoral Starbucks and three 'just bumped intos' followed by two phone calls and a complex email (2 hours)

Hours 4.30 (total 24.00)

30 odd minutes spent on emails and phone calls, especially to do with a particular funeral coming up which has so far caused 18 emails, 7 phone calls and one long visit.
1300 Reading and preparation (1 hour).

Hours 1.30 (total 25.30)

1500 Sermon prep and admin (2 hours)
1700 Sound Factory at St Paul's followed by overnight hospitality (4 hours 30 mins)

Hours 6.30 (total 32.00)

0900 hospitality (90 mins). Sermin prep. (15 mins)

Hours 1.45 (total 33.45)

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Anonymous said...

How can you have a normal week when you are about to move house?