Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Normal Week 4

1015 Arrive at church, simply to attend and mingle (Home 1215).
1700 Arrive at church for music rehearsal before leading evening service and spending an hour or so with younger members if congregation in the Cask and Bottle (5 hours).

Hours 7:00

0900 Staff meeting (ends 1230) . The afternoon included several phone calls and texts and a period of about 30 minutes doing some planning at the computer. Even at the gym (me time) I bumped into someone who hadn't been to church for a while and I chatted in the changing rooms invited them to my leaving do. I felt on duty all afternoon, everywhere I went but will only log 1 hour.
1930 Leadership team (ends 2145 then 15 mins admin, emails and messages).

Hours 7.00 (total 14.00)

0530 (Yes really) Prayers, preparation and planning (90 mins).
1300 Helping paint with Matt (3 hours 30 mins).

Hours 5.00 (total 19.00)

0900 Staff meeting (90 minutes) then transporting holiday club materials back to CPAS ( 1 hour).
1300 Reading, study and preparation (1 hour).
1530 Funeral visit (90 minutes).
1930 St Paul's night to launch new term's programme (2 hours 30 mins).

Hours 7.30 (total 26.30)

1000 Funeral business (15 mins).
1730 Music rehearsal (1 hour 15 mins).

Hours 1.30 (total 28.00)

Friday and Saturday I managed to keep completely clear of church work. Hooray.

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