Saturday, September 23, 2006


There is an article in the Church of England Newspaper this week wherein David Gillett suggests we lambast Tescos for their commercialisation of Halloween. It seems we want to have our cake and eat it. Let's join up our thinking a bit.

We complain that the commercialisation of Christmas draws attention away from the real meaning of the festival. We demand more glory to God in the High Street. How can we then say that the commercialisation of Halloween does anything but blunt its power and distract attention from its real meaning?

Come on Christians. Think things through.


Matthew P said...

I know it's an old post, but we talked about this subject at housegoup last night (we were looking at being Christians in a post modern world of relativism - we're dead intellectual in Cricklade you know).

The conclusion in the room seemed to be that the reason the commercialisation of Christmas takes away from God is that it focuses on Father Christmas rather than God. The concern was that the commercialisation of halloween did not take the focus away from its true meaning. I personally think that it does, surely focusing on decorating a pumpkin is far less harmful than some of the alternatives.

Just thought you would like to know of the debates you are stimulating around the country.

St said...

Thanks Matthew. Big up to da Cricklade massive.