Friday, September 15, 2006


Friends I have entered my phone number using the keypad in order to help NTL manage the information that I no longer require their services.

I have given my address in the wrong order - 'post-code first please sir' in order to help Zurich insure my goods in transit and change my cover to the new house. 'You have five bedrooms so you'll be wanting to increase the sum insured?'


'Why not?'

'Just because I have more bedroms it doesn't mean I will own any more things. I'm taking all my things with me and they will still be worth the same amount when they arrive as they were worth when they left. Knowing professional removers, possibly less'

'I'll only put it up to £30,000 then.'

I am typing this whilst in limbo between Severn Trent's automatic switchboard and a real human whilst listening to Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller band - sod it - no I'm not. I skipped to their web-site and did it online.

Now holding for a BT operative whose website has no 'Cancel your services without transferring' option.

Gave up.

Worthwhile motto. No matter how long you have been listening to hold music you can always expedite the call answerers by taking a bite of the biscuit you have been looking longingly at for the first few minutes of holding. looked really promising (you register your details and the changes get passed on to all utilities you specify) but failed at hurdle 1 by constantly telling me I hadn't entered my address properly without telling me what was wrong with it.

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Chris said...

When we moved (from flat to house) in January it was not our responsibility to tell utilities etc that we were moving, as we were renting and it was the charge of the letting agents to do this. A few points:

1. It confused them immensly that at our flat (old place) we got our electricity from British Gas and our gas from Southern Electric.
2. They still haven't sorted out our water bills, including the dispute between the previous tenants of our new place and the water company.
3. They forgot all about telling the electoral people, but fortunately we did that ourselves.
4. We dealt with BT ourselves as we needed to get a new line put in for Emma's work. They, I believe, have only just got our billing right. Quite what they didn't understand about "We want one bill for one line and one bill for the other" I'm not sure. One month we got sent 6 bills, some duplicates, some combined. I'm still not sure if we actually owe them any money.

Good luck with BT (and the rest!).