Thursday, August 31, 2006


My favourite month of the year is May. No competition. Living in England I love the promise of spring turning to green reality without the added bonus of hay fever, yet. Add to that two Bank Holidays in one month and my birthday to look forward to at the end and it's pretty much perfect. It's also only three letters long so easy to write.

But September has to be second. The cool (but not cold) early mornings with the pleasant smell of just-rotting vegetation on the breeze. The swifts may have long gone but my favourite tree is still buzzing with bees. And I've finally identified it. Alder Buckthorn 'The small heroic unsung tree'. After fourteen years of being on my patio it has finally given up its secret. Grateful thanks to this place for helping me get there. Very usable tree identifying site. I now know about rounded, toothless, alternate, common leaves. And you can grow it from cuttings or seeds. A tree not a web-site. Gonna try.

So this September promises a minimum of three leaving events, another wedding anniversary (29), the first house move for fourteen years to number 29 (same as my mother's flat number and the number of Liz's house when I met her) and a new start in a new place. Let the mayhem commence.

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Mike said...

The real reason is that your birthday's in May - you still look forward to the goodies and cards that I don't send you.