Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Normal Week 2

Having had a good response to my posting details of what I get up to in my St Paul's hours each week I'm going to try and do it every week until I leave.

0700 Final preparation for Sunday morning services (30 mins).
0930 Arrive at church to set up, greet, pray and chat. Preach. Telephone Soul Survivor with a reference for someone (Home 1215).
Afternoon various emails, calls and collecting of papers (30 mins).
1700 Arrive at church for music practice. Lead and play keyboards. Brief drink with some of the congregation afterwards (Home 2100).

Hours 7:45

0745 Desk for admin. (15 mins).
0930 Staff meeting (ends 1200).
1200 Gym (no hours but it keeps me having no days off sick).
1400 Desk for admin, service sheet preparation (30 mins).
1745 To church for set-up and rehearsal to lead music/worship for Cursillo meeting, then delivery of same. Debrief with the other musician over a chip supper (ends 2215).

Hours 7.45 (total 15.30)

I keep a rough time-sheet each day. Doing this exercise has shown me I sometimes work more hours than I think I do. Today I put down 7:15; 30 minutes light.

0800 Desk. Proof-reading church publication (45 mins).
1300 Reading, then writing sections for the A - Z of St Paul's (1 hour 45 minutes). Answering e-mails.
Evening I got involved in the local community and chatted to a parishioner for nearly three hours. OK, OK Leamington FC and Stratford Town played out a not uninteresting goalless draw. No hours counted. Key ministry question: who can I do this with? Key ministry question after interference from fussy editor: with whom can I do this?

Hours 3.00 (total 18.30)

0745 Desk. Emails (15 mins).
0900 Staff prayers and admin (1 hour).
1000 Travel with Martin to help pick up some screens for Holiday Club use (1 hour).
1300 Reading (1 hour). Brief pastoral contact (15 mins).
1900 Food preparation and hospitality (3 hours 30 mins) .

Hours 7.00 (total 25.30)

0745 Desk. E-mails (30 mins).
1130 Visit church office to answer queries and sign an authority for someone to work at Greenbelt (30 mins).
0115 Pop into Cask and Bottle for quiet lunch and to read paper. Bump into colleagues and get involved in conversation about people management. Good chat with bar and kitchen staff (30 mins counted out of 90 minutes there).
1600 Reading and study (1 hour).

Hours 2.30 (total 28.00)

1100 Put head round door of church office to say hello whilst doing some personal photocoying. Brief time of admin passing on details of summer services to vicar as he returns from holiday (30 mins).

Hours 0.30 (total 28.30)

1100 Emergency message to call staff colleague back. We have a late cry-off for tomorrow's morning service music. Brief discussion and best course of action agreed (15 mins).
1315 Further conversation with member of church re circumstances that led to previous phone call, leading to a series of necessary texts and arrangements (15 mins).
1710 Meeting with returning colleague to pass on important information (75 mins).
1930 Food preparation, hospitality and relationship building (4 hours 30 mins).

Hours 6.15 (total 34.45)

Over 10 hours over. Will try to take a day off in lieu next week.


gone said...

Crikey! you work too much guy.

I just been reading your sex posts in your list, you got some intresting points and i wanna know if i can link to them from my blog cus its a topic i been thinking about lately. I been shouted down by the help them to read it...haha

St said...

Sure thing Snow. Link to whatever you want on here. I like the extra traffic and the difference of opinion it generates.

Thanks for being the only person in the world who thinks I work too hard. Appreciate it.

It is worth saying that because I enjoy my work so much it doesn't feel like work. Selling your house; now that feels like work.

Martin said...

Do you count Sun 8-9PM as work?

Also, Tue, what is the half hour (I added 2 1/2 hours not 3).

I know it's pinickity, but if you will post these things for scrutiny, you should expect some. (I may be the only one querying these, but you never know who is lurking without commenting and what they may be inwardly scrutinising)

Still, even if these stand, that would still be 8 1/2 days over. I assume that counts as a day in lieu.

St said...

Sun 8-9pm = yes. There have to be some perks but it is community building and relationship building.

Tues I lost a half-hour somewhere. I logged work but can't remember why. Well spotted.

Eight and a half hours (not days)over means I can take a day in lieu if I want, but I mustn't carry such days off over for more than a month.

Since I spread my 24 hours over 4 days, a day counts as 6 hours to me.

Martin said...

well done for spotting my "deliberate" mistake ;-)