Monday, August 14, 2006


It is Sunday and a man with a baseball cap has finally come to fix the broken towing mechanism on the truck blocking the entrance to Leicester Court opposite my house. The flats themselves, now three or four blocks not one, are covered in protective tarpaulins. Further up the road Barbour-clad people are examining the apparent road-widening scheme where the houses there used to be.

Driving up the road with my wife and a singer from the church music group in the car we notice that people in the place we are passing through are now speaking in Geordie accents. One girl sounds like someone I used to know well but turning to look it is someone else I used to know only slightly. We are overjoyed at the accents though.

We stop at a health club for a swim, noting that one, seemingly disrupted by the road works, is offering free entry all day.

The one we choose has a strange pool which goes into a tunnel like under a railway arch. The water runs out as if it were a cave entrance. But no-one else is using it and turning to swim back I have to avoid lots of low-slung swings just over the water.

The other pool describes an uphill semi-circle but it is too full of people playing ball to get a good swim in. We get out the other side and find ourselves canal-side, trying to work out which of several routes through to a water-polo game is the one avoiding private property (out of which we must keep, as my old English teacher would have put it).

Following some steps down we come to a car park where I notice my car, now a red VW Polo (I used to have one of these) has the passenger door left open. Before I can accuse her of not closing it Liz notices the glove box is open and all her stuff has been nicked as well as the car radio.

'Oh no, not again,' I shout 'I really wish this was a dream.' Then I woke up. Honestly. What a relief. I usually find my confused dreams fade away into nothingness as I wake. Not today.

Analysis please.


david keen said...

advice: sleep less, and move somewhere nicer, like, um, Somerset

Caroline said...

It sounds like a typical 'in the middle of a big change' dream. You have to look for certain symbols and interpret them how you would see them. Also pay attention to emotions that you were feeling in the dream as these are key to understanding it.

According to my dream definition handbook... these are what the following 'symbols' mean:

DRIVING - if you are driving it's a sign of your desire to take control over your direction.
WIFE - signals a concern with issues of family and relationships. Could be prompting you to pay more attention to family members, or alternatively symbolises a desire for greater security or closer emotional relationships.
OTHER PEOPLE - interpret what they stand for in your life
SWIMMING POOL - represents your innermost thoughts and feelings, more contained than those represented in a dream about a lake or ocean.
TUNNEL - seeing a tunnel indicates a wish to delve deeper into the unconscious and explore deeper parts of ourselves. Or it could signal a fresh start or a re-birthing of your ambitions and desires. Or represents life's journey. Or it's about tunnel-vision and a need to be more aware of things going on around you, rather than focussing on one.
CAVE - a symbol of the unconscious. entering a cave is a sign you need to explore some hidden matter or emotion.
SWIMMING UPSTREAM - denotes success and confidence
CAR - also about where you are going on the journey of life.
STEALING - if something has been stolen from you, it's possible that you feel cheated and not respected.

That's what I got out of my dream book, I wouldn't worry too much, it's normal to get weird dreams when you are in transition, I get them often.

Either that or you enjoyed some cheese before retiring last night and it's all a product of that...
(I've had some great cheese-induced dreams in my time! Did you know that if you eat Stilton and Port in vast quantities it is hallucinagenic (sorry can't spell)? That's why it's popular at Christmas)

Shame I threw out my medieval dreams book, every single entry lead to 'impending death'. I got bored.

Enjoy interpreting and feel free to discard all of the above if it's not helpful! Cx

Martin said...

I have no idea about dreams, but it is quite a coincidence that you had a weird dream the night after preaching about Joseph.

St said...

Caroline, I am off to Paranoid Farm to consider my future. I seem to have a full complement of screwedupness.

Caroline said...

welcome to my world! ;-)

you did ask for analysis!!!

Stewart said...

If this is what all your dreams are like, it's no bad thing that you forget most of them.

Mike said...

Russ Parker suggests working out what in real-life produces the same emotions as the ones you experience in the dream. Then you have a key to your anxieties / hopes / fears etc.

St said...

I don't really do emotions in dreams but if pushed I would say I was impatient about reaching a destination and angry that people did bad things.

In real life I do feel quiet pent up sometimes that things move so slowly even though I give off an air of laidbackness. I also hate it that crime exists and the world is fallen. I ain't perfect but most of the inclinations of the thoughts of my heart are mainly decent most of the time.

So now I have a key to my hopes, fears and anxieties what do I unlock with it doctor P?

Martin said...

I seem to remember having a fair few dreams recently. This is most unusual for me.