Friday, August 11, 2006

82, Leicester Street 5

I suppose I should be pleased that in five days I have shown five sets of people round and all but one have expressed interest. I guess though that the novelty of living and working in a Show Home (for that is how it feels) will soon wear off and I will long for the days I could put a glass or cup down and leave it until later.

Course, that said, keeping a house immaculate is much easier than making it immaculate and I need to remember this next time I feel all reluctant about putting dead bottles straight in the recycling box, wiping the sink down after every little bit of washing up and putting reading material back on a shelf, bookmarked. Excessive? You betcha. We need to shift this thing.

Turning the front room from a double guest bedroom into a reception room was OK but Liz found it strange when she was quizzed about it:

Liz: We have used this room as a study, a playroom and a bedroom; it's very versatile.
Visitor: What do you use it for now?

This question flies in the face of the Estate Agent's advice that we dress the room as a reception. It now has two armchairs, music stuff and bookshelves. It clearly looks like a room to sit and relax in. But we have never used the room thus as there are two other rooms perfectly acceptable for such behaviour. So, since we dressed it we haven't used it.

Liz: Oh just chillin' (Liar, liar pants on fire).

Then when I faced the same question, having told Liz off for lying:

St: We don't; the estate agents asked us to dress the room as a reception room and now we don't use it.

Visitor: What's a reception room?

This one may run and run.


Martin said...

As it has music stuff, maybe you should try listening to some music in there. Might have a randomly amazing acoustic you never discovered before.

St said...

Tried it. It didn't. Nice idea though.