Tuesday, August 08, 2006

82, Leicester Street 4

It's on the Loveitts web-site now. Follow the link to nose round our house. Look at that tidy study and the world's loneliest sun-lounger. Viewing highly recommended but of course you're very welcome to buy it without looking round. You won't be disappointed.


Chemical said...

Your house looks very nice, in fact lovely.

Just sorry that I have no valid reason to move to the Leamington Spa area at present!

Hope you get a 'bite' soon

fotofill said...

I love the word "cellarage" I am going to try and use it more often.

Martin said...

Wow, first time I've seen beyond the "reception hall" - Deceptivley big - didn't expect the third storey.

Mike said...

Shaker style?

St said...

Shaker style units. I have no idea. Estate agents (to whom 'fine open aspect' means 'missing roof') must know something.

They were horrid. We painted them and changed all the handles. They are still horrid but a nice colour with groovy handles.