Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thirteen Senses

'What are you listening to?' shouts Liz from the garden. 'Has Jonty lent you a worship CD to learn a song for tomorrow morning?'

And with that I realise why I like this album and in particular the song The Salt Wound Routine. It sounds like a well led contemporary worship song. The sort so many contemporary worship songs fall just short of being.

And if you listen not too carefully and hear only snatches of lyric you could be in church. A good one mind. A good one.

One of my new colleagues in Nailsea played me an album of sea-shanty music yesterday. I'm still recovering. There may be a bit of a gap between his taste and mine. Make that chasm. Now where did I put that Tangerine Dream CD? Can you perform electro-ambient (a term I believe I just invented) with one finger in your ear? Folk singers seem to do that a lot. What is the relationship between folk and sea-shanty? Why am I asking that?

OK, OK I know. The audience need both fingers in theirs.

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Mike said...

What is the album?

Difference between shanty and folk?

Folk: some folk is listenable, even half decent (eg Richard Thompson)

Sea Shanty: Only good for irony and Captain Pugwash