Thursday, July 27, 2006

Perfect Thursday Lunch Hour

12.50 Walk into Cask and Bottle. Say Hi to regular Chris and chat briefly. Order pint of Brains and a ham sandwich.
12.52 Part with £4.05. Londoners be very jealous.
12.53 England bowling change.
12.54 Panesar takes wicket with third ball.
12.55 Sit down and read paper
12.56 Another wicket. Harmison. Pakistan now 95 for 4.
13.05 Sandwich arrives with generous side order of salad. Eat it while reading paper.
13.30 Finish. Chat to friend George briefly who has crept in while I was reading.
13.40 Home drinking iced coffee.
13.45 Check spelling of Panesar on-line and find he has taken another wicket.
13.47 Back to work.

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