Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Great drink

Had a lovely meal with friend Jo last night. Food, as ever, fantastic (blue cheese and spinach pasta, home made coffee ice cream with rum) but here's an aperitif to wrestle with:

Slice up a ripe watermelon, chucking away the pips and skin. Put the slices in the freezer, either until they are not-quite-frozen, or freeze then slightly defrost.

Stick slices in food processor then pour over bacardi. Swizzle. As we slurped we had lots of discussions about whether icing sugar, another liqueur (cointreau or brandy?) or lemonade would improve this but decided that it was best left simple. It is one of those drinks that you cannot be sure you like but drink about two litres of the stuff deciding you do. We do.


Martin said...

Have you tried almost freezing any other fruits?

St said...

No. I've also just discovered that the spinach was rocket. Would work with spinach though.