Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cafe Create

Thanks to everyone who came last night. The whole 'It will be alright on the night' thing worked again and we ended up with acts, too much material (thanks Ross for your 50 minute set), a functioning PA and projector and a good vibe as we sent Caroline off to Africa for two years to do something rather harder than compere a cool cafe.

Gratitude to everyone who helped, as ever, but this time round particularly to Caroline and her team for providing a great buffet, Caroline for her support over the twelve cafes in the last two years and Mike for travelling all the way from Lancaster, helping set up, performing a great set and staying until 1.15a.m. (with Sarah, Ali and Chris - ta too).

If you aren't named in this post it doesn't mean I don't like you; if you are it doesn't mean I do.

Next Cafe is September 22nd and it will be my last. So we need:
  • A chief chivvier once I've left
  • A new female compere
  • Acts for next time

So come on; let's be 'aving you.

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Mike said...

Had a great time. Thanks for inviting me.