Wednesday, July 12, 2006

82, Leicester Street

My new job will be announced on Sunday. Good job because it's getting to the point where I've told so many people I can't remember who I've told and who I haven't.

But the things to do list now starts with 'Sell house' so here is an advance call to anyone who wants to make us an offer on a 3/4 bedroom terrace in North Leamington in good general order but in need of a bit of basic maintenance/checking over.

House is spread over three floors with the ground at different levels on opposite sides of the house, so you come in, go downstairs and go out into the garden. It's not that complex; it's built on the side of a hill.

It has been a great place to finish raising a family. Neighbours both sides are really nice and kind. It has lots of small rooms for people who like their own hideaway space. Currently we have it set up as:

Top floor:
2 bedrooms, 1 a double
a room for Mrs T to get dressed in which has been a bedroom once

Middle floor:
double bedroom

Bottom floor:
living room/diner
second loo
large cellar storage room

Wanna negotiate early and we'll make an allowance for the maintenance that needs doing?

If a St Paul's family wanted it we'd be as supportive as we could be. No upward chain. Vacant possession from late September.


Mike said...

Would love to buy it, Steve. Unfortunately I can't envisage circumstances where I could
a) afford it
b) enjoy it

Great house, and good memories. I'll miss it.

Caroline said...

and you never did get round to organising that 'Croatian evening'...

stocky said...

bonne chance
here is my optimist's list of reasons my house in newcastle is not selling:
1. the world cup
2. er
3. that's it.

lots of love