Friday, June 16, 2006

Pick a Number

You're off for an interview and have to do a presentation to the interview panel. Do you phone and ask how many handouts you will need? You probably would because you're that kind of person. I just know that's how.

I didn't. I don't like phoning unless I absolutely have to. I picked a sensible number for an interview panel (4) and doubled it (8). How many were on the panel? 11 (eleven). That's right, eleven. Gave me the opportunity to make light of the fact that I'd got it wrong and this was a bit of a technique of mine to make others look good.

Anyway I've now got less of a stiff neck than I had before the interview through the exercise of trying to maintain eye contact with as many of the eleven as possible (we were in a large lounge in a vicarage) whilst answering questions.

Sample questions:

What is the difference between leadership and management?
How do you go about helping people of a different church tradition to your own?
With which member of the Trinity do you most identify?
Your five closest friends are in the room and they have been allowed one word each to describe you. What will they say?

We have a week to decide whether or not to take the job.


Jonathan Potts said...

11 people on an interview panel?! Either they consider the job EXTREMELY important or they don't know how to manage their resources efficiently.

Chris said...

And the answers are..?

Ewan said...

Just reading that makes me nervous about going for job interviews that i don't even have.

My interview for Blockbuster Video was in the store room with the manager. He saw i volunteered in a church and asked if his being gay would pose a problem. I said i liked happy people and got the job.

Turned out he fancied men.

St said...

My answers, paraphrased:

Leadership is about vision; where are we going?
Management is about strategy; how will we get there?

Try being nice and if necessary point them to another church.

The Son. He is the likeness of the invisible God, the one to whom the Spirit points.

The sort of people I choose as my friends are not this predictable but I would hope answers might come up such as, creative, organised, thoughtful, patient and daft.

Paul said...

Good answers - is that what you wished you'd said or did you say that and get the job?

Forgive me for being too lazy to scour through previous posts, but what was the job you were going for? Hope it's coming to pastor a church near me!

St said...

Forgive me for being lazy and not looking up where you are.

They were my answers.

The telephone call I am expecting this evening will enable me to tell you where I will be moving this autumn.