Friday, June 02, 2006

My interests

I am on the mailing lists of a number of ticket agencies, as I imagine many of you are. See Tickets does it for me most of the time, but occasionally others have unique gigs to sell.

Today I received a mailshot from Ticketmaster. What caught my eye was not the mind-numbing drivel that I didn't want to attend including Once in a Lifetime Country with Kenny Rodgers and Sooty's Magic Castle, but the sentence, 'Check out these event(s) that matched your interests.' So what does Ticketmaster's customer profile software reckon will get the Tilley household out of their comfy chairs in the evening? Please don't titter:

Lordi (the Finnish rockers who won Eurovision)

Oh dear. I'm a glamrock loving, orc-aping metalhead.


Mike said...

Amazon recommendations for me included a book called "Is is me or is everything sh**?"

Martin said...

You should go and see sooty. But more importantly, seek out a show by the Chuckle Brothers! I should point out that the chuckle brothers, whilst on modern kids tv, are in fact from the past era, so I can happily say....

(will complete when I remember the line)