Thursday, June 22, 2006

Interview Musings

Just a bit more advanced theological reflection on Tuesday's interview. Having sleeplessly replayed most of the things that happened and lots of the questions I was asked I have concluded that the normally reasonably articulate me went walkabout. That is to say I didn't answer questions well or accurately or indeed the questions.

(I also, getting too long an answer off one of the panel to the first of my two questions, asked him to shut up so I could ask the second one and keep the panel within the designated hour. This probably annoyed him and impressed others but it should have been someone else's job to shut him up I'm sure.)

The previous week I had an interview experience that was described back to me as 'astounding.' Same me. Same nerves. Not hugely dissimilar questions. From astounding to appalling in five days.

I read Exodus 3 and 4 this morning. Moses tried to get out of doing a God job by pleading with God, wonderfully, 'I have never been eloquent and haven't become so since you started talking to me.' God tells Moses that he invented words and will use them as he wishes.

One of the questions on Tuesday was what I thought of the ministry of the Spirit and that same Spirit was possibly at work stopping me answering. Fantastic.

I don't think my previously discussed mixed motives lost me the job. I think it was the wrong job and I have found the right one. Amen.


Chemical said...

I am a great believer in 'what is for you won't go by you'. I'm sure you know the philosophy!

Nothing happens without a reason, and sometimes the reason takes some time to reveal itself, but it is always there. I have been off work ill for several months, and in fact have just resigned.

I had been in my job for 17 years, and had risen well through the ranks, but in recent years had been unhappy and demoralised. Having said that, you don't ever leave a full-time job without having something to go to in its place, especially when you have kids and a mortgage!

But as a result of my illness, I have a done that very thing; stepped off the precipice, taken the leap of faith. I have found myself in a position I would never willingly have put myself in, and surprisingly (at the risk of sounding uncharacteristically corny!) I have a peace about it. Did I do the right thing? Of course I did! I had unwittingly been consumed by work, to the detriment of my personal life and more importantly, my family life. It took the illness to make me see that, and work it through.

Godincidently, I resigned on a Tuesday, and on the Friday morning I was offered temporary relief work in an establishment that I know I will be very happy in ;-)

Amen again!

Ewan said...

Is it bad that i want to know who you asked to shut up?

Mike said...

It's always hugely tempting to ponder the alternative universe where you were offered the other job. I went for a job before I applied for the one I'm in, and realised I wouldn't take it. However, I was still a bit miffed that they didn't offer it to me.

I rationalise it by thinking that maybe they spotted my fading commitment. That little bit of disappointment was only really killed off when I got and then started in my present post.

Rich B said...

Hi Steve

Have been enjoying reading your blog. Have infrequently had a look over the last year but have now decided to stick it in my favourites and at create one of my own.

Exams finished 2 weeks ago, followied by 2 seemingly pointless weeks full of meetings, rotas and community tasks. Can't complain though - they've given me 3 months off now. (I got a 2:1 by the way).

Great to see you last week, and delighted to hear you seem to have settled on a job (if you want a curate in 2 years...)

By the way I apparently nicked that "neighbours" quote about chapel music from Mel. I don't remember having done, but I'm sure she's right!

Caroline said...

Have I missed something, been away for much of the last two weeks, you get a job, you're happy with it but I can't find where or what it is ...

are you going to let your blog-only contacts know soon?

Caroline Too

Martin said...

Yay, Rich on the blog too. Cool! A perfect opportunity to use an unecesarilly long url.

St said...

Ewan, it isn't bad of you to want to know because you are normal. It is bad that I might, in an unguarded moment some day, tell you.