Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Did anyone else see the piece in the Independent on Monday about suggested necessary alterations to the human evolution project in the light of current culture? They included:
  • Smaller finger tips to operate Palm Pilots etc
  • A rutting season rather than seeking sex all year round
  • Genitals separated from excretory organs; perhaps by being placed under the armpit
  • Two hearts to cope with change in diet from fruit/berries to pasties/pies
  • Two livers to cope with alcohol (A German cafe owner was saying on the radio he sold 120 beers to 9 England fans before breakfast one day)
  • Remove sinuses, tonsils and appendixes (help, what's the Latin plural?)
  • Strengthen neck muscles
  • Strengthen hip and knee joints

Forgetting for a moment the misunderstandings about evolution inherent in expecting that more than a couple of these will give a long-term, survival advantage, what would you like to evolve?


Chris said...

How about:

* Strengthen metatarsals

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

How about Wi-Fi or a USB 2.0 port to cut out the middle man?

Chemical said...

I agree with the doing away of tonsils and appendices.

When I had to have my tonsils out about 10 years ago I asked the surgeon would he just remove my appendix at the same time, save any bother later, and a dose of anaesthetic!

Just a pity the two weren't a bit closer ...

Martin said...

How about replacing Wisdom Teeth with four random extra chunks of wisdom. Actually, maybe not. I could probably do with wisdom teeth up top to push the others forward and fill in gaps. Still I could trade the bottom two - I think I have enough teeth there.