Monday, June 05, 2006


This will be a very dull post. Even though I don't like cars much, inspired by Top Gear and Ray's blog I decided the world needed a list of my cars:

1977-79 Green 850 Mini FWK616L
1979-1980 Red VW Polo UOF 247S
1980-1984 Yellow VW Polo BVP719V
1984-1989 Blue Astra Estate X reg but can't remember the whole thing. This is the car in which Alex the labrador and the sock story is set. Ask, but not during meals.
1989-1991 Blue VW Golf.
1991- 1993 Red VW Golf.
1993- 1995 White Escort Estate - my first ever company car. K198 something something something
1995-1999 Red Escort Estate - L793TAC
1999-2002 Blue (ha it was purple) Focus Estate
2002-date I have no car but borrow Liz's when necessary or other people's when desperate or hire one when really desperate.

I seem to be able to recall less and less about my cars as I have gone on in life, and also care less and less about them. I may have to buy a car this year. It hurts.

By the way Top Gear's five a side football with cars was fantastic. Watch the repeat, especially the opening goal where a forward drives between two defenders to volley home a cross. Brilliant.

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