Monday, May 29, 2006


I may have dwelt briefly before on some of the quaint juxtapositions made possible by regular attendance at a gym where there are often four TVs tuned to separate channels and yet a soundtrack which matches none of them. Today one of the TVs had cefax sub-titles enabled but they had stuck and the same sentence was on the screen every time I looked up.

At first I thought I had come across a particularly morbid episode of Cash in the Attic or any one of a number of similar programmes. An expert was looking at a picture. It sort of fitted. Well with hindsight, it didn't fit at all but I paid no attention.

Five minutes later I began to suspect something was amiss when the expert was holding and examining an antique letter opener. I'm not convinced that David Dickinson and his chums eat people's internal organs with faver beans and a nice chianti, although it may explain the orange skin. The sub-title still said, 'If you look carefully you can see the outline of her liver.'

Fine entertainment.

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