Friday, May 12, 2006

Hairy Bikers

Mourning the passing last Wednesday evening of the Hairy Bikers' Cookbook series which concluded in Mexico with some obscenely good chocolate dishes and a load of chilli-based stew. Si and Dave seem like two remarkable guys, very together about themselves, each other and their world. I have no idea what chaos goes on behind the cameras but these two deserve a BAFTA in my book.

Si did a wonderful reflection, to camera, on how their friendship had grown over the year travelling together. He seemed to manage that rare combination of genuine warmth and appreciation of his mate without straying into that mushy sentimentality that most guys hate.

It's because they're northerners, I'm sure. Reminds me. The late Brian Redhead once did a weather forecast summary that went:

'The weather. Bright in the north; dull in the south - a bit like the people really. And now a summary of the news.'

I was there. He did.

Thanks Si and Dave. Come back soon.

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Mike said...

Ecky thump. It's good in 't north. Just read my blog if you don't believe me!