Friday, May 05, 2006

Fine Beer

Just a brief hymn in praise of Greene King's Triumph; pale and weakish (we have so much in common) and the guest ale at Leamington's excellent Cask and Bottle. Lovingly served by Fred Mclaren, drummer with Post War Years and fine human being. Consumed in the company of his Royal Bobness and an all-day breakfast while Lizzie took my mother on holiday because, 'If you do it you'll probably kill her.' Freelance days don't come much better than this. Did some work as well.


Martin said...

Keep meaning to take a listen to the Post War Years. Still haven't quite managed it.

Martin said...

Next sun (21st - not this sun) at moo bar after the service. I intend to drag people there rather than the cask.

Martin said...

didn't drag anyone, but did go. Very good - I got a copy of their CD.