Thursday, May 04, 2006

A better idea for May 4th than the Star Wars joke

Congratulations to all you people who didn't simply notice or anticipate the time but stayed up for it too. I hope you enjoyed being awake at two minutes and three seconds past one on the fourth of the fifth two thousand and six. Remember to tell your grandchildren (I believe that's still the done thing).

For me, although the time of my going to bed is getting nearer and nearer to the time Lizzie gets up (refitting shops in Wokingham and Salisbury in the same fortnight); I was in the land of nod.


Dave said...

It was brilliant. I was sitting at the computer a second before, and still sitting there a second later, but everything had changed.

PS Thanks fo your Wibsite link in the article. Unfortunately it points to Lark News. It seems a bit pushy to point it out though.

St said...

No, thanks for telling me. Have changed it. I can't believe I got so many links wrong. Something strange and generally internetty must have been happening to push all my links on one when I altered a bit of text. Again I have been caught out unnecessarily fiddling with a piece that was perfectly OK in the first place. Lesson. When something is 'good enough,' stop.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Thanks for reminding me of the best time/date issue since 28/8/888

Martin said...

really, using a decent logical date and time format, it should be 2 minutes and 1 second past 3.

2006-05-04 03:02:01

I couldn't be bothered to stay up that late, so gave the whole idea a miss.