Sunday, April 23, 2006

Way Out West

Sitting in bed drinking coffee and wondering whether to go to church today (do other preachers do this?) I chanced upon a lovely piece in the Guardian Review about Mark Berry, working in Godless Telford (although the Guardian on-line calls it 'goldless' so maybe they need to go back to being the Grauniad for a bit longer).

Read the whole article, about people who are just plain awkward and swim against the tide, here. Mark is a fantastic guy and the piece is kind. He is not awkward; just pioneering. Fine line, I guess.


Martin said...

Interesting article (that part - not read it all at the mo, as I'm about to leave the house).

Mark Berry said...

Thanks for the sentiments Steve... My Mum wouldn't sgree with you she would without doubt categorise me as 'awkward'... she also gave me some grief about the B word ;-)

St said...

Maybe it's another irregular verb:

I see the new possibilities
You refuse to go along with blind tradition
He is an awkward sod