Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rabbis and Elvis

Follow the Rabbi is a ministry dedicated to introducing the student to the world of Jesus the rabbi. Following a link from Rob Bell's excellent Velvet Elvis book I visited the site where I received one of the best ten minute audio teaching introductions into the difference between Hebrew and Greek thought I can ever remember. It is a fantastic site with a huge database of information for preachers. I will be dipping in regularly to continue my education.

Velvet Elvis takes its name from this musing; what if the artist who produced the picture of Elvis, on velvet, currently residing in Rob Bell's basement, announced there was no further need for art as the picture was the ultimate painting? We'd laugh. Same way we laugh at people with closed minds to continuing dialogue, discussion, exploration and thought.

I love Rob's book. I have even written to tell him so which I do far too rarely. Order the book from Eden.

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Chris said...

I too thought his book was good - but read it so quickly I think I need to read it again! I'm sure I'll pick something else up from it second time through.

He has made me think more about the context of particular passages in the Bible when considering what they might have meant and who they may have been directed at.

I also like most of the Nooma videos he's done and used a couple successfully with our youth group and one with our worship team. Many of the ideas in his book are in some of the Noomas (or perhaps the Noomae? Not sure what the plural of Nooma is!)