Thursday, April 13, 2006

On Taking Things Literally

Grateful thanks to Contender Ministries for pointing out the differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam if you take the teachings of their holy books literally. Please try not to, unless you're the Landrover driver who knocked my teeth out in 1970. You owe me.

Read their post here.


Chris said...

And linking to your "Rabbis and Elvis" post, don't forget to try to "Think Hebrew" about the Bible when particularly looking at this bits on Judaism and Christianity!

Caroline said...

sigh, if only things were this easy, life summed up in a table of bullit points.

Chris said...

Bullet points are essentially a highlight of "Greek" (i.e. Western) thinking:

Link to a useful guide to hebrew thinking here. Click on the "Way of thinking" tab, then "Words" and play the audio example for an interesting example including a reference to bullet points.