Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lent Course

For those who remember the Lent Course we did at St Paul's last year written by Bob Clucas and myself, called Icebergs in the New Testament, Bob is running the new, improved version at St Mark's this year and we have put it on the Godstuff web-site for people to follow on-line if they want.

There are daily thoughts as well as readings now. It's better than it was (thanks St Paul's people for your comments last year) but not quite right as Bob has been doing some editing and he shouldn't, he really shouldn't. He asked me round on Tuesday to help for a couple of hours and I was there for five (although to be fair one was lunch at the (I'm-never-going-to-the) Star and Garter (again). I need to put another five in but don't let that spoil your enjoyment.

If you like it and use it consider making a donation to Godstuff.

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Sam said...

publish! I love the warmth and richness which comes through.