Wednesday, March 29, 2006

E-mail Spam

Best spam sender's identity I've come across so far. Let's hear it please for:

Tartly A. Blunter

Don't want his products but may steal his name.


Chris said...

Some from my spam folder:

Chuckling T. Ridding
Sharmila Pigeon
Drop T. Pollux
Immaculate B. Cinching
Dell UK Newsletter (oops, did I mark that as spam?)

Stewart said...

I received an email this week from the disappointingly ordinary sounding 'Desmond Hebert'. The subject line of his email made up for his rather dull name though - it read

'pickup truck thickness'

Why Mr Hebert felt I needed to receive an unsolicited email pertaining to the thickness of pickup trucks is frankly beyond me. I cannot remember having previously expressed an interest (or an opinion) on this issue - or indeed on any matter relating to the qualities or dimensions of pickup trucks.

I was so intrigued I almost opened the email. Almost.

Kathryn said...

I've just regretfully deleted an email from Henceforth T Chinstraps
The names are almost worth the spam!