Sunday, March 12, 2006

Clergy Surfing

Tomorrow morning I need to write a piece concerning web-sites it is essential for clergy to know about. Comments before noon welcome. (David Walker. Have no fear. You will be there.)


Simon said...

This one's quite good.


St said...

Thank you my dear friend. Possibly not for my first article. I do want a second.

Dave said...

Thanks Steve. If you mean me of course, rather than Bishop David walker or Cllr David Walker of Bridgnorth Town Council.

Paul said...

aaagh, too late!

but if you do another, then is essential reading for those who want to learn about how we come across to outsiders.

they're american, and their culture is a bit different from ours, but any christian organisation who sometimes describe their mission statement as 'trying to help christians learn how to not be jerks' has got to be worth a visit.