Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cafe Create

Cafe this Friday with fair trade coffee and wine, two bands, two poets, two solo singers and fire breathing/twirling in the gardens as you arrive (come early for that).

Particularly looking forward to hearing Peter Ormerod's band Legends of the Whitnash State Circus who will be first on at 8.15 (after fire eating).

Thanks to Caroline for making it happen whilst I was on sabbatical. Telling comment from her, 'I can't believe how easy this is. You don't do anything do you?' The game appears to be up. My investment of administrative genius means everyone else does the work now.

7.30 - 11.00 p.m. St Paul's Church Lounge
Leicester Street
Leamington Spa

Am considering setting up a cafe style discussion evening. Will cover some of the issues that have been generating blogheat recently. Cafe Debate anyone?


Andy said...

Woo! Cafe Debate - I'm in!


(apologies for being quiet in the blogosphere of late - will tell all on Friday)

Caroline said...

Cafe Debate - fantastic idea...

I did have a few more emails than normal, but I suppose it doesn't require that much preparation does it ;)
(but I won't tell anyone... )

Martin said...

You can download the flyer for the event from www.cafecreate.org.