Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sabbatical Update

Yesterday was my first-born's 26th birthday. Delighted in telling him he was now more than half my age. Spent the morning at the M5/M6 junction waiting to go the further three miles that would take us to the zombie world of IKEA. Son's birthday request, you see, was for a storage solution to his vinyl collection, which, as a working DJ probably means that his birthday present is now tax deducatable.

Lizzie and I had a discussion in the car which went like this.

We're only going to buy the storage stuff?


Nothing else.


That's a lie.

I know and so do you.

So shall we decide what we might buy because we almost need it rather than being suckered in to buying 500 things to clip opened packets shut, a set of tumblers and something we haven't heard of and didn't realise we needed?


We agreed to get some new plastic storage tubs for fridge and freezer and some guest room bed linen.

We got some new plastic storage tubs for fridge and freezer, some guest room bed linen, two glasses, a lamp to replace a broken one from Cafe Create (can you believe £2.50 for a lamp?) and ten coat hangers. Plus the flat-pack storage units for DJ 'jamin.

Had lunch, went for a walk, fetched our Lifestyle Display Solution from Venture (see December some time), displayed it, moved some other pictures round, had a cup of tea, watched an episode of the West Wing, checked e-mails, wrapped presents and went out for a meal with 'jamin and his friends.

How did I ever have time to work?

The plastic storage tubs for fridge and freezer are cracked, looking as if they have been dropped on their corner.

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