Sunday, February 19, 2006

On boinging

Disappointed boing boing wasn't a West Bromwich Albion online fanzine although you will find the excellent boing by following this link. Only of interest to the elite few I guess.

Boing boing baggies baggies is the chant of the faithful followers of West Brom on achieving success (like a goal for instance). It all started back in 1991 when, in a game against Hull City (won 1-0, Darryl Burgess header second half) there was a sponsored bounce. Someone had offered a huge sum for charity if the whole crowd bounced for a minute. The chant began about half way through, perhaps influenced by a Eurodisco trend at the time.

During the 12 match run of defeats a few seasons later we ended up chanting:

We'll boing again
Don't know where don't know when
But I know we'll boing again some sunny day
Some sunny day

Favourite taunt (bit cliched now)

Boing when you're winning
You only boing when you're winning

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Chris said...

A friend of mine who is a Baggies fan has converted me to following the Baggies too (although Liverpool are still my number 1 team - what a glory boy I am). However, I'm not having much luck actually going to the games. I've been to one game in each of the last four seasons (including this one) and I'm noticing a bit of a trend:

Season 1

Fulham 3 - 0 West Brom

Season 2

West Ham 3 - 4 West Brom

Season 3

Crystal Palace 3 - 0 West Brom

Season 4

Reading 3 - 2 West Brom

I hasten to say that my friend no longer wishes me to attend West Brom games unless I can assure him that the Baggies will score 4 goals, seeing as the opposition always score 3! Hmm. The West Hame game was amazing though. 3 nil down after 20 minutes or so, then an amazing comeback!