Friday, February 24, 2006

Leamington Changelog

Further to the post the other day about bloggers becoming experts on their small corner of the world, you don't get much smaller than a blog that logs very minor changes in Leamington Spa. Enjoy. Good picture of the pub burning down in Radford Semele but strictly speaking it's outside the town boundary.

We had a leaflet pushed through the door today headlined 'Campion Hills under attack'. Now the Campion Hills are a very small range of hills stretching from just outside my door to a bit up the road beyond that. Still, I rather hope that even in Leamington the early warning of attack will be by other means than leafleting the street.

It transpires a farmer is going to sell a little bit of his farm on the edge of the hills and it may be used for housing (in a town where there is little affordable housing so this is probably a good thing).

The leaflet urged households to 'Join us in the fight' without ever saying who 'us' was. It also attached a copy of the form we will need to register our feelings with the Council. In a true spirit of local democracy the box marked 'I object' had already been ticked for us.

Continuing the local news theme I have given away, through Freecycle a set of Quadro, a trampette, a coat stand and two beanbags. I feel really good now. Further thanks to Dave Walker and his amazing Cartoon Blog (via which I also found two old clergy friends' blogs today) for pointing me in its diection.


Caroline said...

I love that changeblog! Found it by accident when google-ing a few weeks ago... was telling my friends about it in Starbucks, then realised that the author could have been anywhere, even at the next table... he could be logging my every drink... it seems I must watch what I talk about now in coffee shops... ! ;-)

John Hartnup said...

You're safe in Starbucks because I don't drink there (wish I was principled enough to say it was for ethical reasons, but it's actually because I don't like their coffee).

Cheers for the link Steve. Note the changelog accepts (and needs!) submissions.