Monday, February 20, 2006


Having a bit of time to spare I decided to improve the side-bar index so now you can search back for previous discussions under the headings:

Philosophy and theology

I've gone back to October last year so far. Will only add ones prior to that if they seem (to me) to have been particularly momentous.


Martin said...

Nice techie skills with the sidebar - even I don't do anything that fancy! Anyway, that is the easy commenting bit - now what to say about Good/Evil - I'll probably eventually think of something and chip in.

Youthblog said...

Just noticed too that you now allow comments from non 'Blogger' using Bloggers.
Was unable to comment at the time that I thought your idea for the cover of the
CYFA holiday flyer was fantastic, they should have gone for that.
Also, thanks for your christmas new letter rating system .... the source of much hilarity
in our houehold.
The fact that you have been able to put previous posts under so few headings must mean the 'blogging' one
is a codified form of miscellaneous, surely?

St said...

I had trouble with spam for a bit but word verification seems to keep it away without insisting on registration.

The miscellaneous ones are everything else that isn't indexed (all the grot, crap, rot and drivel of the get-it-off-my-chest variety).

I've just written quite a lot about the theory of blogging over the last couple of years, only one of which has made it to the index yet. Stuff about what it achieves, why I do it, how to do it etc. Nothing technical, simply advice about content and its management.

Thanks for droping by.