Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What the?

Well my friends it seems to me that lots of the blogs I visit now have messages saying that people have either broken their blogs (well done Andy) or stopped blogging (goodbye Hadge and Dissonant Bible). Others were set up with great intentions but fell at the first such as More Bizarre than the Archers or Simes' wonderful six words a day which I can't even find using blogger search now.

One or two interesting new ones from some of my younger acquaintances which I will put in the side bar if they cut the mustard. You might like to look at and encourage them if they are any good:

Jono Munday
Sam Shearn
David Shearn
Jon Potts


Martin said...

don't I qualify for consideration? Or have you already considered to find I'm not quite up with the best?

Andy said...

Shhhh Martin, we all love your site.


Anyways, I'm kinda in the process of fixing mine now. Kinda.



St said...

Hadn't looked because I seem to remember you telling me you didn't blog just commented. Have put that right now and will include you next time I'm listing. Side bar status beckons; live up to it.

Martin said...

Aye, you're right, I did indeed start just to comment on your blog, but then it got addictive. Justifying a sidebar status - that is real challenge to live up to.

PS. Andy, I hope you got the flyer, but if not, read Steve's post "Sabbatical", as that also mentions the event

Jonathan Potts said...

Thanks for the mention, Steve. "Sidebar status" does sound like a good milestone for my blog. I'll start working towards it. :)

Caroline said...

there's definitely room for a multilingual and very pink blog in your list of links!!!

jcm said...

thanks steve. i'll get my mustard knife.

Andy said...

And just like that, the shopkeeper appeared... and said, go visit, because he's fixed it, y'know.


(apologies for missing 'Create - I had hoped the fixing would take less time than it did!)