Monday, January 23, 2006

Whale recipes

Whale sushi - the raw meat is a deep blood-red colour and tastes delicious, especially when dipped in ginger and soy sauce. Cut bits of whale off while preparing the following dish:

Prepare some fish broth/stock and bring it back to the boil. Add whalemeat, Kansai watercress, mushrooms and tofu and drop them into the bubbling liquid. When it has cooked for about five minutes, this dish is ready to eat, by which time the meat has turned brown and the cress looks and tastes more like spinach.

300 kg watercress
350 kg mushrooms
1 metric tonne of tofu
1 large paddling pool of stock
1 small whale

Feeds a town the size of Preston, Telford or Nuneaton. Probably.

Thanks to the Independent on-line and an article I found from a 2002 travel diary.

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