Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Other Things

On a snowy day in Mapperley in about 1985 Ian Russell told me, 'There are some days it's best to assume the Lord has got other things for you to do.' He went and tidied his study, a mission he embarked on regularly when there was half a metre of snow lying on the ground whether it needed it or not. Ian Russell was the vicar I worked with when I was first ordained.

Having spent Bank Holiday Monday realising that the general sniffly coughy thing I'd had for the last few days was a full-blown second cold in two months, today I believe is for 'other things'. Cups of tea. Comfort food. Reading in small doses. Have cancelled two appointments, which always upsets me because both of them are with people who need to talk and tomorrow will therefore be busy.

Jonathan (vicar I work with now - training so far taken 21 years) says he hopes I get well soon and looks forward to reading this because it's always funny when I have a cold.

Conveniently a delivery firm have decided that today is a good day to deliver some new bedroom furniture we have ordered and will there be someone in all day? Have said yes and then realised that excludes having a sleep until the wardrobe arrives. It also means I don't want to miss the doorbell so no music or radio. Currently all I can hear is the sound of some blackbirds being terrorised by magpies.

Looking at the state of my nose Liz is going to get home to find an ugly old wardrobe replaced by an attractive one and an attractive husband replaced by an ugly old one. Well she thought I was attractive I don't care about you.

It's her birthday on Thursday. She deserves better. Rubbish time to have a birthday. Can't talk any more. Throat too sore. Not funny enough either. Sorry Jonathan.

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