Thursday, January 05, 2006

Old Women

Sometimes friends say to Lizzie - your husband wrote the most amazing/terrible thing about you on his blog. She normally replies, 'I must read that some day.' Which is true.

So in honour of that some day, perhaps long after I have blogged my last, when Mrs T reads this, Happy 50th Birthday. Today my fantasy of having a relationship with an older, more experienced woman came true. Soon part two of the fantasy - a weekend with that woman in Paris.

Favourite joke on the theme.

Sorry I'm so tired today. I was out until 3.00 a.m. celebrating my wife's birthday.

She was furious when I got in.

Jusqu'a la prochaine fois.


hadge said...


Steve, since she's probably not reading this can you pass on our best wishes (Joan never reads mine either) oh, and Happy New Year ! Hope you get at least some of the 7 things list ;0)

Sam said...

Steve, here i am, reading your blog :) My wife is also a non-blo-reader. Despite my incredible talent, she seems about as interested in my blog as the contents of my bowels. I have decided not to take this too personally, and assume that she has found other reasons for being married to me than my subtle prose, although I'm pretty sure it's not my figure. Oh well.